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General Recycle

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About The Company

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General Recycle is affiliated with Texas Metal Company, one of the premier metal recycling companies in North Texas, operating out of 3 locations in the DFW metroplex:

  • 4 miles east of Highway 75 in McKinney, Texas on US Highway 380

  • 1 mile east of Highway 35 in Lewisville on State Highway 121 Business

  • 1 mile east of Highway 288, and 1 block north of Highway 380 in Denton on Geesling Road, across the street from the United Copper Industries, behind the Lone Start Conversion shop

Our Mission:

Create a Green Business that is Friendly to the Neighborhood and the Environment.

  1. Foster effective resource use, reuse, and recycling in the neighborhood community where durable goods are reused and recycled instead of buried forever.
  2. Protect the environment by reducing the amount of reusable and repairable items dumped in landfills.
  3. Ensure raw materials are continually recycled within manufactured products.
  4. Create an organized, clean and safe environment where neighborhood businesses and households can utilize our retail recycle outlet for their recycling needs.
  5. Focus all our energy and resources with uncompromising honesty & integrity toward meeting the needs of our clients and neighbors.


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Texas Metal Company/General Recycle Copyright @2006-2011

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